Lushie – a digital artist and a creator of fan art and original pieces

Lushie – a digital artist and a creator of fan art and original pieces

Giugno 19, 2020 0 Di thenerd

Hi Lushie, welcome!


Ready for the interview? Let’s start!

-Present yourself a little! Who is Lushie?

Hello! I’m a digital artist from Australia and I love to draw characters.

-How and when was your passion for drawing and digital art born?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was little, and I just never stopped! At the end of highschool I came across some fantastic tutorials for digital art, and that opened a lot of new doors for me.


-Do you have an artist you are inspired by? Or a favorite artist?

The tutorials I mentioned before were made by KNKL, and to this day he is a huge source of inspiration for me.

-What are the subjects you prefer to portray?

My favourite things to draw are characters, typically from gaming or anime.

-I saw that you have a passion for Pokemon and for Harry Potter … would you mention a favorite character in these fandoms?

My favourite pokemon is Leafeon, and my favourite Harry Potter character is Luna!


-Have you always had this dream when you were little?

I have! Drawing has always been my passion.

-Tell us a little about your artistic training!

I have very little “formal” training. I attended university in a Graphic Design course for one year, but it wasn’t for me. So I’ve just taught myself! I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and practicing on my own, following tutorials and adapting them to my style.

Hestia -Lushie


– Do you listen to music or watch TV / movies when you draw?

I usually have something running in the background, sometimes related to what I’m drawing. While drawing some of my Pottermon artworks, I went through all 8 HP movies!

-Have you ever illustrated something for others (books, graphic novels, etc), or have you ever published something related to your art and your drawings?

I was lucky enough to work with KNKL on his comic “Emma” as a concept and line artist. At some point, I would love to make my own comic, or maybe an artbook.

-Do you have a favorite drawing of yours?

My favourite at the moment is one of my original characters, Norei (I may be a little bit biased). 

Norei - Lushie

Bye Lushie, thank you for having us! 🙂